Super Fun Things To Do in Rishikesh

If you thought Rishikesh was only limited to Ganga and a holy dip, it is time to think again! With mountainous backdrop and glistening ganges, Rishikesh has it all to get the adrenaline-pumping. Be it rafting, bungee jumping, camping or trekking, this little city of Uttarakhand will surprise you like never before. So read on to know the endless opportunities and fun things to do in Rishikesh.

1. River Rafting: Rishikesh and river rafting go hand in hand. Evey year, between September and April, thousands of people come to Rishkesh in big groups to make the most of the white water rafting. The gushing rapids lie along the stretch from Shivpuri to Ram Jhula. Since rafting starts from Shivpuri, it is advisable to stay at one of the hotels at Shivpuri in Rishikesh.

2. Bungee Jumping: This is another fun thing to do in Rishikesh. Once in a lifetime experience, where you are tied to a rope harness and made to jump from more than 80 meters above the ground. This activity has been introduced in Rishikesh a few years back, and ever since then people have come in huge numbers to try the same.

3. Giant Swing: Imagine yourself swinging from one end to another! This is what giant swing is all about. It is based on the same principle like bungee jumping, and is a must-try adventure activity in Rishikesh.

4. Camping: With the soothing sound of the river Ganga and the view of mountains in the backdrop, camping in Rishikesh is a beautiful experience in itself. You can also light a bonfire in the evening, play the guitar and enjoy with your friends in the soothing surroundings.

5. Kayaking: This is a fun activity to try in the streams of Rishikesh. The clear water and the rapids make it even more interesting here. This water activity is somewhat similar to canoeing, except from the fact that you sit facing the front.

6. Cliff Jumping: As the name suggests, cliff jumping involves jumping off a cliff (only if you know how to swim or are wearing a life jacket). This activity is again a must try and is sure to excite you.

7. Trekking: Trek through the majestic mountains and picturesque valleys in Rishikesh. This place being in close proximity to Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath is ideal to start trekking from.

Excited much? Plan a trip, call your gang of friends, make reservations at one of the hotels in Rishikesh and head to the most memorable trip of your lifetime.

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