Enjoy Family Jungle Adventure

Combining learning and adventure is a great way to plan family vacations. Planning a Jungle Adventure with family combines both of these very well.

Jungle eco-tourism has been on the rise for the last decade. Originally, these tour required hiking into remote areas without much in the way of creature comforts or the support needed to make it possible for smaller family members.

The industry across the globe has come a long way. Now a family jungle adventure can be found in many places and is respectful of the ecosystems you are adventuring to see.

It doesn’t take much searching to find an appropriate family tailored tour for most popular jungle destinations around the world. Even you can check online National Geographic or such other website for wow destination.

Countries such as Costa Rica and Panama in Central America, Brazil and Peru in South America or Thailand and Malaysia in Asia have well developed support systems for tourist.

No matter where you travel to for your family jungle adventure, there seems to be a consensus on what activities to expect.

One of the fundamental goals of jungle eco-tourism is educate people on the importance of these areas for the entire world. Expect a strong ecological message as part of the adventure.

Fun is also on the agenda. Whether it is giving your feet a rest and travelling on horseback. Or zipping through the canopy for a primates view of the jungle, there are many opportunities for having some fun mixed with the education.

Choosing between a day trip or a longer multi-day stay and exploration will be the tough part.

Tour companies and resorts will make sure the rest is taken care of for your family jungle adventure.

Experiencing the lungs of the world first hand will stay with your younger family members for the rest of their lives.

Having these vivid memories will connect them to the world for their whole life, especially if there is a little fun thrown in as well.

Galapagos Family Adventure

The Galapagos Islands are located off the coast of Ecuador straddling the equator in the Pacific Ocean. The islands are an inspiration and model for ecological based tourism and education.

The islands are playground for learning and wildlife. You will get up close to most of the wildlife because they have never learned to fear humans as predators.

Hanging out with sea lions while they bask in the sun on the beach or ambling along with a giant tortoise as they munch on vegetation will fill a good part of your day.

There will be plenty of photo opportunities for the blue footed boobies and iguanas. Wildlife and ecosystem preservation is an important aspect of the tourism in Galapagos. Happy Jungle Journey….