Best places in Europe to get a villa

If you are planning your next European holiday and are looking for a way to spice up your stay, then why not consider renting out a villa? A villa is great for larger groups of people and you find that you get a lot more for your money when renting out a villa as you get to use several different rooms and also have access to a kitchen and sometimes even your own private pool. Villas can also be far cheaper than a hotel as you pay for them for the week rather than a day which means that you will have greater value for money. It is also important to remember that if you stay in a hotel and eat at their restaurants you may well be looking at paying more per head than you would in a restaurant outside of the hotel. Similarly you can also cook in your villa which means you can eat exactly what you want, when you want!

Holiday villas are great if you are looking for greater privacy on your holidays (which is why so many celebrities rent/ own villas). You can enjoy your villa garden, pool and sun loungers at your leisure. A villa is a fantastic place to treat your family and friends to a much needed break and regardless of where in Europe you choose to rent or buy a villa it is important to always carry a European Health Insurance Card on your person. You can apply for your EHIC card quickly and easily here: Check out some of the best places in Europe to get a villa hereā€¦


France is a great place to rent a villa as there is such a wealth of locations for every taste. From stunning hill top retreats to gorgeous fishing harbours, France is a wonderland of contrasts and unique holiday opportunities.


Italy is one of the most sought after villa holiday destinations due to its rich history and delicious foods and fine wines. From the Amalfi coast to the beaches of Sardinia and Sicily, Italy has something for everyone. The wonderful thing about Italy is that so much of it remains unspoiled when it comes to scenery.


Brits adore going to Spain for their vacations. Spain has everything that a holiday maker could ever want; endless sunshine, beautiful beaches and delicious food. Its affordability is one of the biggest draws for so many people and when it comes to renting a villa that is also true. Costa Blanca is one of the favourite choices for villa holidays as that area is full of great nightlife and stunning coastlines.


Some of the most popular places to book a villa in Greece are in the regions of Halidiki, Corfu, Crete, Santorini, Thasos and Mykonos. Each Greek destination is different from others as each has their own unique selling points and fun things to do. Some parts are popular with surfers, some with wine connoisseurs and others with beach bums.